Friday, September 26, 2008

Fantastic timepass!!

Was fooling around here.
This was the result.... wasn't planning to save it in the first place... but then the playback option was so much fun, I did otherwise!

Check the playback here.


Anonymous said...

good stuff, good stuff :) kaaj kemon cholchchey?

whackonondo said...

hey beautiful the playback looks...completely shows the thought process!! amazing thing ya...and love the kids expression and gesture!

MUS said...

beautiful work. all of it.

Alina Chau said...

Love the expressiveness!

shooting star said...

liked the lively!!!

Anonymous said...

i think its been a while since u put up something :)

kookiejar said...

inktales> Thanks. Took a month break in Calcutta during the pujas... now back to Delhi.... work etc.!

whackonondo> Thanks. Yeah... the playback does show the thought process. I was checking some other artists' work there and it's great to see their approach .... and even better when some strokes were matching with my thoughts!

mus> Thanks a lot!

alina chau> Thank you. Spontaneity did the trick I guess! It's been long I have visited your blog. Will do so soon.

shooting star> Thanks. Will talk soon about the painting you wanted. It's been so late, don't know if you still want it!!

anonymous> You got it right! Check the latest post.

fulcrum said...

wow this is really nice.. love the colors man.