Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book Cover

This is one option for a book cover for Scholastic, The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. But this isn't getting published.... the other option (which I didn't like!) is...... It turns out to be this way most of the time. Whatever I like, the clients don't like..... whatever the clients like, I don't!
I don't bother much these days......

Monday, January 25, 2010

GQ: January'10: Interview Column

Illustrations for a Mahesh Bhupathi Interview.

GQ: December'09: Interview Column

Illustrations for a Boman Irani interview.

GQ: November'09: Interview Column

Illustrations for an Ashutosh Gowariker interview.

GQ: October'09: Interview Column

Illustrations for an Arnab Goswami Interview.

Scholastic: Elementary English

Illustrations for an Elementary English book published by Scholastic Publishers.

Offisial Atyachaar!!

Illustration for Make My Trip's 'Offisial Atyachaar' campaign. You can check their website here:

GQ: October'09: Winners and Losers

Caricatures for the Winners and Losers of GQ's first year. The board has been done by fellow artist Saumin Patel. You can see his work here:

GQ: September'09: Goodlife

Illustrations for an article on Cuba.

GQ: May'09: Sex

Illustration for an article on Sex about women having younger partners.

GQ: April'09: Feature: IPL

Illustrations for a feature article on IPL: Indian Premier League.

QG: April'09: Movies

Illustration for an article about cricketers falling for film personalities and the often tragic outcome of it.