Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tall n Short!

One page from the Opposites book that I'm illustrating presently. It's still a work in progress...... not really happy with the BG yet. But I'm sure I'll get it right in the final stages...

No scribble tonight!

The other day I was telling my friend in office that I’m very happy! I know not a path breaking event that was, but since I was quite broody the whole day; the sudden spurt of happiness which was written all over my face surely conjured up a very valid ‘why’ on her face!
When she succumbed to the persistent query I couldn’t help her much when I replied that “Yes, I’m very happy….. that too all of a sudden, but the reason behind this I can’t tell you as you won’t understand it at all!” Now before she could take it as an offence I had to pacify her by telling that, her not understanding doesn’t have anything to do with her intellect as it might sound at the first utterance. It’s just that I figured that she won’t get it, because the reason that makes me really happy might not seem like a reason at all to her! It’s just a change in the way you look at things… the way you learned to look at things……
On a different note, (may be on the same context, but somehow distant), it never ceases to make me wonder how people judge others even without knowing the truth!
May be the truth is too far fetched to be understood with all your life’s education…..
I myself have done the same fallacy of judging people with limited knowledge…. but I’m in all earnest when I say that I know I’m mistaken…….. each and every time!