Thursday, June 08, 2006


Was trying my hand at watercolour......... figured, i need to keep trying for a long time!! But it's completely worth it...... :)


Virginia Valle said...

I like it Kunal is a really beautiful colours scheme, is a beautiful practice

Virginia Valle said...

:D. oki we will wait ;)..

I hope to see more like the post below too (using a wacom ain't a bad idea!! ) remind me a lot to Beksinski he is one of my favourite artist ;)!!

Soo said...

did you really do watercolor by hand? Not the wacom?

lusi said...

hi! i´m happy of meeting your blog (i came here from soo´s blog). your work is great i like a lot how you manage colors.
sorry for my english :S


Soo said...

tried to do some watercolors myself today! No brush control at all!