Friday, November 25, 2005

racing mind..... captured!!

was trying my hand at speed painting!!

the first one came out as an aftermath of half an hour of john coltrane n three minutes of photoshop...... n a bad mouse!

the secong one was without music....... red book is actually green...... rest is all blue........


Sumeet Surve said...

Hey Dude ThanX for the kind words on my blog. Well did u work in Futurethought before? I guess I know u. Ne ways nice work, would love to c more.

Bodil Bang Heinemeier said...

this is really nice work:)

kookiejar said...

hey thanx sumeet n bodil!

n yeah, i used to work in Futurethought before i landed up here!

will post more when i can manage!

~ Lu said...

Hey thats awesome work, very loose and expressive, nice!

I want to see more now!